We Provide Cheapest equity Real Time Data  IntraDay Tick By Tick Data Feed optimized indicators and trading systems  as Well as technical analysis software for supporting best equity,index,commodity EOD & Historical Intraday Data feed software Solutions Covering All Stock Exchanges  which works with all Automatic realtime Data feeders to Amibroker & Metastock. Nearly All Kinds of Realtime Data feed software solutions of Equity, commodity Including Index Futures Intraday Realtime Data and Index Options Real Time Data are supported Without Any Delay
Our Website is undergoing Up-gradation and hence may not contain correct updated information regarding various services.
Equity Realtime (RT) / Intraday Data optimized systems(For Intraday Traders / Professionals):We Provide Software for Equity and derivatives Real Time Data Trading Systems For ALL Equity Cash Stocks And Futures (All Months) As Well as Real Time tick by Tick Data indicators of Index options. The data provider software helps you add any kind of Real Time Data Feed Automatically To your existing eod or intraday real time Existing Data Feed Solution. Current Day equity or commodity Tick by Tick real time Data is added By a Smart System to Your Existing Amibroker/Metastock Database. NO Need to IMPORT any Data or manually download data using email or download data using FTP. All Historical eod and intraday real time Data is Automatically received as soon as you open your trading software.
Immaterial Of The Time You Start Your Technical Analysis Software Like Amibroker or Metastock, The software is designed to update real time as well as historical intraday Data – all Automatically Back filled For All Previous Days Without Even Clicking A Single Button. You Can Buy Additional Add-Ons Like Equity Historical Intraday Tick By Tick Data  and historical Intraday Data Indicators since inception of exchanges so that Your  real time Trading System Is Totally Fine Tuned To Make Sensible Analysis And Excellent Trading Returns.
Your Historical IEOD Data is automatically added to your existing Equity or commodity Realtime Data Package For Fully Equipped Intraday Trading System Encompassing A Fine Technical Analysis Environment.
EOD Data (For Strategic Traders):
We Provide Cash, FnO EOD Service Which Shall Be Automatically Filled Up In Your Technical Analysis Software.  The Software has capability to Automatically Correct Splits And Bonuses Thus Having A Perfect Chart Without Any Worry For Correcting It. The Data Is Available In Ready To Use Database So Your System Is Ready To Go In 5 Min Flat. Automatic Single Click Imports Which Takes Hardly 30 Sec To Import ALL Cash And FnO Eod In One Click.
Historical IEOD Data (For Professional Intraday Traders)
We Provide Cash Stock , Index, All Futures (All Months) and options(All Stocks Options) Tick by Tick Historical IEOD Intraday Data For up-to 11 Years. This Data is Very Beneficial For those Technical traders who wish to perfect their trading strategy before Playing Intraday Moves. Your Trading system is back tested for Over 500,000 Quotes so that Its optimized for Maximum Gains and Can make you decide when to Get out of Trade as you have seen same happening In number of Days With The historical Data MUST for Intraday Trader.
Technical Analysis Indicators For Amibroker & Metastock:
We Provide Ready to use Technical Indicators (AFL) for Amibroker and Expert Systems For Metastock which are fully optimized as per your requirements and offer open parameters for you to be able to change them as required. All these technical indicators are fully optimized for Indian stock market like various global exchanges.